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Monday, July 9, 2012


This is Shell
(Sheldon Cooper Hoskins)

He was a Red Ear Slider that I adopted June 16th. He was only with us a little while, but what a blessing! He brought so much joy into our lives.

Now we have lost him. This morning, while drinking my coffee, I looked over to his tank to play "where's Shell?" when I saw him stuck to the bottom of the filter. He wasn't moving.

I cannot believe it was only a few weeks that we had him, it seems much longer. You may laugh or shake your head at me for grieving the loss of a little turtle. But let me say this. When you have a pet that brings such joy into your life, that makes you laugh just by watching him, the loss will never be easy. Especially when you could hold him in your  hands with all the tenderness of a parent.

There's nothing I can say on loss or grieving that hasn't been said before, and more eloquently than I ever could. ... And about a loss more deeply than I've ever felt.

So since a picture's worth a thousand words...

...just a size comparison (the only way we could get Squirt to hold still was by "turtling" him)

If a single picture's worth a thousand words, I wonder what a video's worth?
Introducing Squirt to Shell. 
Squirt wasn't sure what to make of Shell and was kind of scared of him. Shell's just chillin' without a care in the world.
(ps-sorry for all the debris in the way ... Squirt enjoys uprooting his plants, and we had just fed him).

RIP baby Shell
I thank God for bringing us such joy through you in your so very brief life here. 
We will miss you.


  1. awww Shell made Squirt look huge!!

  2. Britt - it's true! And only partly because Squirt is actually getting quite big :)